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ICOSYS – as much focused on the clinical and the healing processes – in addition provides management with all tools required to operate healthcare facilities in the most efficient and economic manner resulting in value added for all stakeholders.

The ICOSYS Social Care Information System targets at institutions of any size.

The unique complete integration of the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) makes ICOSYS to the state-of-the-art information system for social care institutions, placing the patient in the focus and integrating the medical model and the the social model of functioning and disability.

Central element of the planning and documentation structure is the client and his/her social, psychic and biological system. These, in combination with the medical aspects, such as diagnoses and results of examinations, allow for an overall view and therefore ensure an optimum understanding of health and sickness - a multidimensional setting with either-way interference. 

Clients, together with their persons of reference from family or other social environment are seen as singular and complex entireties. Their goals and wishes, their diagnoses and capabilities are the basis for the measures to be taken

The common structure and language in all documentation components ensure a comprehensive approach and a need-oriented view on the clients. Thus, the different departments are well supported to get a common picture of the client. 

ICOSYS supports the communication with the cost bearers, the relatives and with the professional network. Also health care and other providers from other facilities can be part of the documentation, especially when it comes to a professional case management. 

Evaluation allows for conclusions to be drawn, which measures have been especially powerful for the clients and have been considered particularly beneficial by them. Optimizing the work with the clients and furthermore optimizing the package of services offered will initialize targeted cost optimization.